Darrel Treece-Birch (Fleetwood, Lancashire, England, UK)

I was taught piano at an early age from 7-10 years old. My first piano performance was on stage at Fleetwood Marine Hall in 1975. Despite having sheet music in front of me I can’t read music, playing by ear and mimicking my teacher. I don’t think she knew, but who knows?

I bought my first synthesizer (Korg DW6000) at age 17, when I was inspired by the music of Jean-Michel Jarre and the orchestrations of Vangelis. With a love of rock and especially progressive rock music, I joined my first band a few years later Fleetwood based ‘Purple On the Storm’.

Today I play keyboards with the British Hard Rock/Melodic Rock band TEN, and also writes/records and performs with rock/prog band Nth Ascension. The solo recordings are facets of my musical tastes.

It is difficult to label my musical style as I move between ambient synthesizer-based works like “Celestial’ to the more deliberately eclectic offerings like on ‘No More Time’, which I explored all the genres I love, Art Rock, Progressive Rock, Melodic Rock, Instrumental Ambiance, Folk and Classical. Healing Touch released in 2017 was my first attempt at playing all instruments. The most recent album ‘The first step… is to take one’ continues the themes with 9 tunes that are a composite of mainly previously unreleased material.

I am now working on my fifth album which will be the natural successor to 2016’s No More Time, being song based compositions with little or no instrumentals. Let’s see what happens. 2020 is the target release year.

Musical Style:
Ambient, Atmospheric, Cinematic, Progressive, Instrumental, Lyrical.