Official Compilation Releases

Melodic Revolution Records and their Sub-Label There Is Hope Records have released numerous compilation albums; Darrel and Nth Ascension have been featured prominently

MRR: One Love! Music For Relief (There Is Hope Records TIHDM 011) 9th Aug 2015

MRR: A Passage To Music 4 (Melodic Revolution Records MRDM 017) 26th Aug 2015

MRR: Spirit Of December Vol.5 (There Is Hope Records TIHDM 012) 26th Nov 2015

MRR: Upload Me (Melodic Revolution Records MRDM 018) 19th Apr 2016

MRR: A Music Revolution The First Decade (Melodic Revolution Records MRDM 019) 2nd Oct 2016

MRR: Star Dust (There Is Hope Records TIHDM 013) 23rd Nov 2016

MRR: A Year In The Revolution (Melodic Revolution Records MRDM 021) 27th Feb 2017

MRR: Upload Me 2 (Melodic Revolution Records MRRPCD 002) 1st May 2017

MRR: A Lack Of Empathy – The American Dream (There Is Hope Records TIHDM 014) 29th Sept 2017

MRR: Spirit of December Vol 7- Songs of Peace Love & Hope (Melodic Revolution Records MRDM 022) 23rd Nov 2017

MRR: A Year In The Revolution (Melodic Revolution Records MRDM 023) 23rd Jan 2018

MRR: Upload Me 3 (Melodic Revolution Records MRRPCD 003) 4th May 2018

MRR: The Sled (Melodic Revolution Records MRDM 026) 7th Dec 2018