Formed in 1996 by Gary Hughes and guitarist Vinny Burns TEN achieved early massive success on the continent and in Asian territories.
Darrel joined the band in 2011 when departing keyboardist Paul Hodgson announced he was leaving. 
Current line up is DTB - keys, Gary Hughes - Vocals, John Halliwell - Guitars, Dan Rosingana - Guitars, Steve Grocott - Guitars, Steve McKenna - Bass, Max Yates - Drums
The sound can be described as Melodic Rock, but is actually so much more, taking in Symphonic Metal and Progressive elements. It simply is Big Production Rock!
The music and lyrics is solely composed by Gary Hughes.
On September 26th 2012 the album 'Heresy & Creed' was released achieving 30th position in the UK Rock Charts.
On November 21st 2014 the album 'Albion' was released and in quick succession the album 'Isla De Meurta' was released on May 20th 2015.

Formed in 2004 by Darrel and friends Phil Brown, Rob Stirzaker and Alan Allcock.
Current line up is DTB - keys, John Power - Vocals/Bass, Phil Brown - Guitars, Rob Stirzaker - Drums/Percussion/Electronic Percussion.
Dedicated to the music of the Canadian Holy Trinity 'RUSH'.
Lifelong fans of the music and with a mission to open new territories for the real thing by attempting to showcase the music to old and new fans alike.
The catalogue has grown to 80 plus songs so there is always a varied and diverse set by this 4 piece.

Formed in January 2010 by Darrel and drummer Craig Walker.
Quickly pulling in friends (and family) into the band Nth Ascension began life under the name Nth Degree.
Current line up is DTB - keys, Alan Spud Taylor - Vocals, Craig Walker - Drums, Gavin Walker - Bass, Martin Walker - Guitars.
Close friend and Counterparts guitarist Phil Brown also joins the band on stage when performing.
The idea was to explore the progressive yearnings of the band whilst keeping a firm foot in the classic rock genre.
In 2011 the band released a digital demo album entitled 'Frequencies Of Day And Night' via online music platform
In 2013 the band was officially signed by Sonic Vista Music a sister label to Aurovine.
In late 2014 the band released their official debut with 'Ascension Of Kings' to critical acclaim across major Prog sites, radio stations, and reviewers.
In 2015 the band signed a distribution deal for North and South America with USA Label Melodic Revolution Records (MRR)
In 2016 the band made the transition to MRR and their sophomore release will be out via MRR in Autumn 2016.