"Simple! To simply put it, simple but effective! it's so ... simple and pure that it feels like it walks with you, it's part of you and you feel confort in it"

"Darrel Treece-Birch's No More Time takes you on a journey of emotions that both progressive rock purists and even hard rock, heavy metal and AOR purists have a little something they can enjoy on the album. With 15 tracks on the album Darrel Treece- Birch reflects a different perspective on the water we use on the Earth and how time also factors into our usage of this most precious resource. His all star line up has certainly done a great job embracing his vision on this album and conveying it to his targeted audience"

"It is always a bonus in life when you come across an artist who is more than willing and able to embrace the Progressive genre with ease and the dedication necessary to make it work, make it sing as if a group of angels had formed together to create a band after hearing the luminaries of the day give pleasure to millions"
Liverpool Sound & Vision

"UK composer and musician Darrel TREECE-BIRCH is first and foremost known as a member of hard rock band Ten, a fairly popular venture he has been a part of since 2011. Other than that he's a member of progressive rock band Nth Ascension and Counterparts (Rush tribute band). Treece-Birch has also had a solo venture ongoing when not too busy with his band projects. "No More Time" is his second solo production, and was released by the US label Melodic Revolution Records in the summer of 2016"

"In the world of copycats and continuous recycling of old, worn-out ideas, the albums which capture and hold the audience‚Äôs attention are those which dare to go beyond the established scheme. And that is exactly what Darrel Treece-Birch does on his new album No More Time, released via Melodic Revolution Records"

"The whole album is a pleasure to discover with the moving styles from the rockier stuff to the more dominant ambient key-drenched stuff. Darrel shows a terrifically expansive and imaginative range of sounds throughout"