Darrel Treece-Birch (Fleetwood, Lancashire, England, UK)

Darrel was taught piano at an early age of 7-10 years old. His first piano performance was on stage at Fleetwood Marine Hall in 1975. He bought his first synthesizer (Korg DW6000) at age 17, inspired by the early electronica music of Oxygene and Equinox of Jean-Michel Jarre and the ambient orchestration of Vangelis. With a love of rock and especially progressive rock music, inspired by bands such as Marillion, Yes and Genesis, he joined his first band a few years later Fleetwood based ‘Purple On the Storm’.

Today Darrel plays keyboards with the British Hard Rock/Melodic Rock band TEN, and also writes/records and performs with original progressive rock band Nth Ascension. The solo recordings are facets of his musical tastes, and refusing to be placed in a box he will always record what he feels.

It is difficult to label his musical style as Darrel moves effortlessly between his ambient synthesizer-based works like “Celestial’ to the more deliberately eclectic offerings as delivered on ‘No More Time’, which weaved through Art Rock, Progressive Rock, Melodic Rock, Instrumental Ambiance, Folk and Classical. Healing Touch released in 2017 was his first true foray into multi-instrumentalism playing all instruments on a concept album that takes the listen on a journey of positivity. The most recent album ‘The first step… is to take one’ continues this theme with 9 more explorations into emotion.

Whatever the direction is going forward one can be sure to expect the unexpected and to be taken on a journey that will continue to stir the soul and awaken the dreamer.

Musical Style:
Ambient and Transient, Atmospheric, Esoteric, Emotive and Transportive, Progressive, Aggressive, Instrumental, Lyrical.